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Energy Market South East Europe 2014

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You want to grow by tapping into new markets?

Energy Market South East Europe 2015,    15 dhe 16 Tetor 2015, Prishtine, Kosove

For South East Europe the energy sector is the key to regional economic growth, increasing prosperity as well as a potential door opener to the European Union, as the natural resources in South East Europe offer diverse investment
opportunities. In addition, by establishing the European Community the South East European states have committed themselves to implement the EU legal acts for the energy industry, which poses significant challenges for the market.

Issues such as security of supply,network expansion, energy savings, investments and project development in conventional energy generation and renewable energy as well as the implementation of liberalization commitments are just a few current problems in South East Europe.

In order to discuss these challenges and opportunities among others, evroenergie L.L.C based in Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo, has created with the conference Energy Market South East Europe an information and communication platform.

Become a sponsor - Conquer South East Europe

By the narrow focus on the energy industry of the conference Energy Market South East Europe 2014 provides sponsors and exhibitors a variety of opportunities to position themselves in the South East European energy market and to reach their target customers. We invite you to use this year‘s conference Energy Market South East Europe 2014 for presenting your company. Personal contacts with the market participants, made in an exclusive environment, allow you to expand your regional and international network and to open up new sales channels.

Your benefits 

  1. Establishing your company in a regional and international network 
  2. Presentation as a partner for future technologies
  3. Increase the visibility of your trade mark by prominent placement of your logo, your products, your services and your skills and by
  4. Reports in regional media
  5. Deepening of existing and generation of new contacts with decision makers from the energy sector and politics

 Arta Shehu

 Conference Manager                                          arta.shehu@evroenergie.com                                                            Tel.: +381 (0) 38 223 481

 Vjosa Kupina

 Conference Manager                                     vjosa.kupina@evroenergie.com                                                          Tel.: +381 (0) 38 223 482


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